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Q. After I place my order, when will my order ship?

A. All orders have a 3-4 business day lead time upon receipt of order. Shipping method applies after order has shipped. Orders placed during a holiday or promotion will have an approximate lead time of 3-5 business days upon receipt of order. Shipping method applies after order has shipped.


Q. What carrier do you use to ship out products?

A. We ship via UPS or USPS to the United States and Canada. 



​Q. What are the forms of payment you accept?

A. We accept US based credits cards. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.


Q. Do you accept PayPal?

A. Yes, we do accept PayPal.

Q. I received an error message that my order cannot be completed but I was still charged. Why?

A. When your card is reviewed and declined, the funds are placed on hold instead of completing the transaction. This may be due to the payment information being entered is incorrect or an invalid payment option is being used. Your funds will return to your bank in 3-5 business days. If you do not see the funds back in your account after that time, please contact your bank for further information.


Q. Do you accept debit cards?

A. No, we only accept US based credit cards.


Q. Do you accept gift cards?

A. No, we only accept US based credit cards.


Q. If you accept PayPal, can I use my PayPal account which has an international card attached to it?

A. No, it must use US currency to process an order.


Q. Do you accept money orders?

A. No, we do not accept money orders. We require all orders to be placed over the website with a valid US credit card.

Q. Can you provide me a discount code for my order?

A. Our discounts are applied during promotions. Please follow us on our social media pages or sign up for our Newsletter for announcements on upcoming promotions.



Q. I am trying to purchase a specific product and there is no “Add to Bag” option available or it says “Not For Sale,” what does this mean?

A. Unfortunately at this time we are currently out of stock of this specific item. Please check back at a later date. We should be restocking shortly.


Q. Why is the consistency different from the product I just ordered to the one I already have?

A. We use natural and organic ingredients with no harmful chemicals. Due to the nature of the ingredients, the consistency and scent may differ.

Q. I have nut allergies, do you have any products that contain nuts?

A. Some of our products do have nut derivatives such as sweet almond oil. You can check the ingredients for each of our products in each product detail page.

Q. Are your products tested on animals?

A. We do not test on animals or have animal bi-products as ingredients.

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