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Mel's Butter Blends creates natural products primarily from aloe and mango butter, that provide solutions to common hair and skin issues, such as eczema and alopecia. Our products are not water based or shea butter based like most natural products in the mainstream market.


choose the best blends for your skin and hair type

Use an ALOE based butter blend

HAIR: loose curls, thin/fine hair strands, or low porosity hair (Type 2A-3C)

SKIN: medium, not so dry 

Mel's Butter Blends Aloe Babassu Butter Blend
  • good for sensitive skin, face, babies

  • no shea butter

  • unscented

Mel's Butter Blends Mango Aloe Shea Butter Blend
  • aloe based 

  • great daily body butter

  • almond scent

Use a MANGO BUTTER based butter blend

HAIR: tight coils, thick/dense hair strands, or high porosity hair (3A-4C)

SKIN: dry or troubled skin

Mel's Butter Blends Neem Soother Eczema Butter
  • formulated for eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin/scalp

  • no shea butter

  • peppermint scent
Mel's Butter Blends Pumpkin Peppermint Carrot
  • good for itchy skin/scalp,

  • stimulates hair growth

  • peppermint + orange scent

Mel's Butter Blends Hair Crack Remix
  • deep moisture formula

  • stimulates hair growth

  • no shea butter

  • vanilla almond scent

Mel's Butter Blends Hair Crack
  • deep moisture formula

  • stimulates hair growth

  • almond scent

**Please note that we are transitioning to new label designs, the products have not changed**